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  • All natural shampoo & conditioner
  • Nails trimmed
  • Ears cleaned
  • Blow dry & brush out
  • Anal glands expressed
  • Cologne and bandana or bow
  • All Bath Services – Plus:
  • Trimming of the hair around the face, feet & sanitary areas
  • All Bath Services – Plus:
  • Full body haircut
  • All Bath Services – Plus:
  • Deshedding shampoo & conditioner, and blowout to help loosen the undercoat.
  • Finished by a series of hand tools designed to release dead, unwanted coat.
  • Reduces shedding by 50-80%!
  • Between 10am – 2pm – please call if special handling or timing is needed.
  • Nail trim or file – $10
  • Both – $15
  • Anal gland expression – $12
  • Teeth brushing – $10
Important Information:
  • Prices may vary due to breed, coat condition, and frequency of grooming.
  • We are a cage-free facility, meaning dogs are only kenneled for drying or for a break time. Because of this we ask that you schedule accordingly.
  • When making your appointment please specify if your dog has any type of special needs such as, elderly, health concerns, aggressive for grooming or aggression towards other dogs.
  • We will take extra care to make sure your appointment is scheduled on the appropriate day to insure your dog is comfortable.
Please call to reschedule if:
  • You are going to be more than 30 minutes late.
  • Your dog is vomiting or has diarrhea.
  • Your female is in heat.
Business Hours and Scheduling:

We are a small business and run solely on appointments. Help us give the dogs the attention they deserve by scheduling your appointment in advance.

9 to 5
9 to 5
10 to 5
9 to 5
9 to 5
10 to 4

Note: We offer early drop off days and late pick up upon request.

Book Your Dog’s Appointment Today! 706-438-3040